Captivating Animated Video Production

- Giving Your Brand An Upbeat

is your ultimate hub of talented and experienced animators. The foundation of our animation company was based on the goal to deliver the highest quality videos to prospective customers. We infuse appealing creativity and proven methodologies to shape the identity of each brand. Using most professional means, we bring companies to top charts. Moreover, we know how complicated the battles in the online world are, and what is needed to be considered different. Hence, we incorporate unmatched skills and entice our viewers in most captivating storytelling.

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Depicts Professionalism, Incorporates Appeal

Animation Explainer Video is not an ordinary video explainer agency. We have been working for years and have learned a lot during our journey. We watch how each trend comes and go, but the real thing that matters is how it appeals to the viewers. That's what we strive to accomplish. We have such skilled maker who toils hard to produce most captivating graphics transforming the business into the best entity within no time. Each pattern, movement, and synchronization in our videos is so appropriate that it attracts the viewers and captivate them to watch the complete video.

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Inspiring Features Of Our Animated Explainer Video

Depicting a true brand story in just sixty seconds is what we are best at. We draw the attention of the target audience and infuse such engaging features in our videos that nobody can turn their head away. The lush colors, engaging graphics, sweet and appropriate voice over and all the other elements that support the content glue eyes of viewers in amusement and create a memory of the moment which they recall every now and then. We, being the creator of your video put our most dedicated efforts in bringing out the brightest side of your business that can be entertaining and valuable at the same time.

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Simple-to-Follow Explainer Video Process

We, being a leading animation company invest every second in making the video look finest of all. Our work speaks volume about our talent and experience and captures the prominent position among the pool of competitors. To achieve 100% satisfaction from our valued customers, we provide a range of services each backed with an easy to follow a process. When the renowned video explainer agency is working for you, all you must do is relax. So, here are the five basic steps involved in our services listed below:

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Creative Brief

As per our animated video production process, we take the complete creative brief from our clients and ask related questions to understand the needs carefully and comprehensively. The customers are asked to provide some references to their idea so that we can adhere to their instructions efficiently and create videos that go well with their requirements.

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We evaluate the market and find out how others are competing. We note their strategies to create a better version of ours. We delve deeper to provide a flawless explainer video process to our prospective clients.

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Script Writing

After gathering all the relevant details about the niche and the video type. We begin sketching composing our story and video script. We add details about the company or product most appealingly to bring viewers closer. Moreover, each word is targeted using a relevant keyword to enhance online visibility.

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The next step of our animated video production involves the creation of storyboard. We divide the story into different frames and invest sincere efforts to bring out the most captivating flair in our video. We create videos using most professional techniques that quickly bring them to the top in the search engines.

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The real challenging phase is about converting the roughly drawn sketches digitally into an animated version. Now here the animators on board use high tech software to exactly convert the story and add motion graphics in it. We, being e premier video explainer agency have a broad range of tools and software that assist us in completing the work effectively.

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Voiceover & Submission

Once we are through our video making process we add the voice over in it to enhance the appeal of the video and to vocalize the content. This gives a voice to your brand and we direct the project towards its submission.